Scene 10

A little later. Chris and Vanessa near the foosball, chatting, not playing. Shish-kebabbed men. It’s only beginning.

Joe is leaving the pub.

The soundtrack is continued from the previous scene. Joe puts on headphones, and we hear the two musics overlaid.

Joe is jogging. Cambridge in the evening. He goes past a small protest, organised by PAN – Pandemic Action Network. The placards say things like “Progress Not Slogans,” “Global Action Against Global Threat,” “Cameron Drinks Blood,” “Solidarity in the Face of Global Disease,” and “Repent, the End is Well F*cking Nigh.” The greater part of the activists are dressed as chickens. One stands a little apart, his head under his wing, relaxing. We hear a chant, dwindling. Joe comes past a chapel, where a choir rehearses. Three musics. He takes off his headphones. He stands and listens. Two musics. The soundtrack music fades. The song.