Lemon is listening or "listening" to Xzibit's "E Lucean la Stelle."

LEMON: You don’t like think.

We see the fish eat a piece of food.

We see Lemon watching the fish.

LEMON: Don’t . . . actually . . . like, experience fish flakes, do you. Do you?

We see the fish.

LEMON: Your eyes detect it and your mouth swallows it. Isn’t that right? Like my heart . . . beats.

The man’s face suddenly comes into shot, pressed up against the glass. The fish darts. The man accuses.

LEMON: You aren’t really afraid! There’s no, there’s uh nothing . . . nothing to fear . . .

The shot changes. Lemon puts another piece of food in the water. The fish eats it. Lemon ponders.

LEMON: Little device.

Another piece.

LEMON: I’ve heard you have a memory of two seconds. What have you heard about me?

Another piece. Lemon keeps putting pieces of food in the tank, with increasing anger/excitement, as the scene wraps up.

LEMON: Is that memory like people have memories, or like my Mac has a memory? Could I see through your weird eyes? Would it thus be a pensioners’ bus tour of the Highlands, a baffling Hellish blur – relieved somewhat – continual – interesting – castle apparitions – ? – You uh see like food, you like swallow it – ? – nut in your automaton brain nothing more special than your automaton gut like you see food and you eat it and digest it and you see food and you eat