Scene 13

Lemon is watching television and reading a book. Lottie lies with her head in his lap doing neither.

Without looking up from his book, Lemon changes the channel. Terminator II is showing, or perhaps Robocop.

Lottie turns her head and watches. In a moment, he watches too. We see a “Plot Trajectory” subtitle flash up – what the robot sees.

LEMON: When I was a little boy, I had trouble understanding the uh first-person camera shots. I watched on episode of McGyver with my mother and she knew that McGyver was being watched because the shot was low and through some tall grass, and the music had made a sinister switch, but I didn’t know that. I thought the program was just showing me what McGyver and his friend were doing.

LOTTIE: McGyver had duck tape.

ROBOCOP: We can't have that.

LEMON: It’s very difficult to speak properly about what I am. I seem just the same. My brain’s made of the same stuff, nervous cells, memory. Language evolved to serve the needs of people who experience things. Duct tape.

LOTTIE: You're as smooth as a moose on the loose. Have a crisp.

A shot from Lottie’s perspective. His face, up-side-down. He thinks. He smiles. He is inspired.